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WordPress Contributions

  • WordPress Core
  • Jetpack
  • Yoast SEO
  • and more

WordPress Email

WordPress uses a function called

  • WP Mail defaults to plain-text, not HTML.
  • Emails typically are processed by server's php mail (Postfix, Sendmail, etc).
  • All emails are sent using [email protected]
  • Emails are NOT easily logged or tracked.

Transactional Emails

Emails NOT specifically for marketing purposes.

Some Examples

  • WooCommerce Orders
  • Form Emails
  • Forgot/Reset Password email
  • New User Welcome email
  • etc

Why use Postmark?

Simply, we want to track everything!


The Setup

DMARC Reports

DMARC is a standard that prevents spammers from using your domain to send email without your permission.

Possible Roadblocks

No Fallback

  • API Failure
  • 3rd Party Plugins not aware of Postmark
  • Doesn't check if SPF/DKIM/Sender Sig is setup or verified.


  • Plugin doesn't support easy setup of Postmark tags.
  • Can be setup with any domain setup in Postmark.
  • Plugin doesn't support Postmark inbound features.

imFORZA is BETA testing for all our hosted clients.

WP API Libraries



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